Friends of Dasein: Josephine Goods

Friends of Dasein: Josephine Goods

Friends of Dasein: Josephine Goods

Dasein presents a new blog series celebrating the creativity and passion of inspiring young brands. Hear from those who have ventured into the world of handmade and thoughtfully crafted goods, sharing their stories, values, and rituals.

Introducing Sarah from Josephine, a collection of handmade wool accessories and goods created with love. Each piece in the Josephine collection is crafted by hand using high-quality yarn and infused with positive energy in every loop. 

Can you tell us about your creative journey and how you found inspiration for Josephine?

I first learned how to crochet in school, but it wasn't until I started university that I really embraced the craft. Growing up, I was a fencing athlete, and most of my time was consumed by training and competitions. Crocheting became my first real hobby. Once I quit fencing, I had more time to dedicate to it and started selling crochet hats in my mom’s friend’s shop in Germany. This venture became my very first side hustle.

For years, I made items mostly for myself or as gifts for friends and family. Crocheting and knitting have always been my go-to methods to lift my spirits whenever I felt stuck, sad, or frustrated. Last year, a friend asked if I wanted to host a crochet workshop, and that's how Josephine Goods was born. Since then, I've been selling handmade accessories on Instagram and at markets, and I also run crochet workshops, which is incredibly enjoyable.

How do you ensure that your products reflect your brand values?

Josephine Goods is a very personal brand; Josephine is my middle name. I only create items that I personally like and would use or wear. Crocheting evokes a sense of nostalgia for me, but I strive to blend that nostalgic feeling with a modern and contemporary twist. I aim to make my products both functional and fun, always asking myself how they can add value to someone’s life. I like to incorporate unexpected elements, such as a striking colour or an unusual material.

What are some rituals or practices you have adopted to stay grounded and focused amidst the challenges of running a small business?

One of the great things about running a crochet brand is that the act of crocheting itself is a grounding ritual. When I feel stressed, I immerse myself in making something, which brings me joy and motivation to keep going. Additionally, I make sure to integrate physical workouts into my routine to avoid developing a "crochet hunchback."

Building a brand requires wearing many hats. How do you balance the demands with other aspects of your life?

Balancing the demands of running a brand with other aspects of life is something I’m learning as I go. I work full-time as a freelance journalist and writer, and Josephine Goods is a wonderful complement to that because it allows me to step away from the screen. It's important to know your priorities and value your own time.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs?

Be reliable and have fun. This combination has worked best for me. It's crucial to be committed and take your brand seriously, but also to maintain a sense of light-heartedness. At the end of the day, it's a privilege to be able to do what you love, so enjoy the journey.

You can shop and connect with Josephine Goods via instagram